Sunday, April 6, 2008

Guilty/Not Guilty

Today, despite my recent realization that Target is almost as bad laborwise as Wal-Mart, we stopped into that discount design paradise to buy a birthday present. I had a coupon, which made it hard for me to avoid.

While there, I grabbed something I have been looking for a long time: Light slippers to wear in the house during summer so my feet don't get sore. Here is my cayute guilty pleasure, which cost about $17:


My guilt over shopping in anti-union paradise was slightly assuaged by a quick Goodwill trip with my grandma, also this morning. After all, shopping Goodwill is good for the planet. And very good for me, today. I snagged these innocent pleasures for $4:

NotguiltyshoesThey are so cute, and very comfortable, with a velvety lining in back. I Googled the brand expecting to find out they were very expensive shoes. Imagine my surprise (and a little disappointment) when I found out they are from Payless. They run about $20. Oh well, still a $16 savings for barely worn shoes. I wonder if they will fall apart quickly like Payless shoes I've had in the past.