Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Frugal Triumph or Party Foul?

Even when I'm out partying, I'm on the lookout for bargains. This weekend, we were at a friend's Wrigleyville condo sampling the beer they'd made.* I was wearing the $4 Gap skirt I'd gotten at Goodwill and a couple of shirts off the Target clearance rack (about $6 each).**

Some woman mentioned that they were trying to sell their Roomba. I've been looking for a new cord for our Roomba or a whole secondhand Roomba, broken or working, from which to harvest this part. Our cord just started sparking one day, and when we investigated we saw it had some kind of crimped hole in the cord insulation. New cords are over $30.

When I tell the woman this, she offers me her Roomba for $25. I say sold. Before she leaves the party, a couple hours and many beers later, she reminds me about the Roomba transaction and I give her $25.

That was Saturday. Now it's Wednesday, and I start to think about this deal. I can't remember the woman's name. Actually, I'm not sure that I ever knew it. Yes, she is known by the hosts of the party, and the plan was for her to drop the Roomba off with them.

Will I ever get it? I have no idea. I sure hope she remembers selling me a Roomba.

Perhaps I was blinded by the potent combination of bargain lust and homemade beer. Still, I have an Ann Franklike faith in human beings met at small parties hosted by good friends. I think, deep down, that chick is planning on getting that Roomba to me at some point.

* Making your own beer: A frugal idea? I'm guessing more like an expensive hobby, but more on this after I interview my brother about the finances of his budding brewing hobby, which may turn into a small business.

** Shoulda taken a picture for you! I will next time.


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