Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Fun Friday:

Here in Chicago it's still more than a month before it will be considered safe to put a garden in the ground, but Nutmeg and I will be starting our seeds next week. I was looking around for temporary indoor planter ideas -- I didn't want to use a milk carton because I'm not very good with knives and scissors and cutting one in half sounded hard, and because I didn't really want to have what looked like garbage perched on our house's beautiful window seat.

Then my new $2 Family Fun magazine subscription showed up with the perfect idea: Use eggshells for planters, and when it's time to put the sprouts in the earth, you can just drop the whole shell into the ground. I love this idea not only because it's cute and frugal, but because I hate touching dirt and this sounds like a really clean transplant strategy. I'm guessing the eggshell will dissolve after being buried so the roots can escape.

The magazine's Web site has a version of the idea here.

Which brings me to this week's family fun tip: Even if you don't subscribe to the magazine, Family Fun's Web site is so full of ideas for crafts, birthday parties and games. You can search it by keyword or by age category, or by what your kid is "crazy about" (princesses? bugs? sports? alas, there's no category of ideas for 1-year-olds who love touching buttons and saying, "beeeeeeep.")