Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easiest $25 I Ever Made

I remember my old employer, a daily newspaper, used to pay $50 for a media appearance during off hours. One day I was interviewed on the radio by phone, from my home on a Sunday morning. It took about 2.5 minutes, giving me a pay rate of $20 a minute.

Today I got paid just about as well. I signed up for Revolution Money Exchange after reading about it here and here. It's a new PayPal competitor, except apparently it charges no transaction fees. Great business plan, eh?

Anyway, it took me maybe 1.25 minutes to sign up, and my account now says I have $25. If I want to, I can now request the $25 be sent to me as a check, or I can keep it in there in case I want to buy something from the few people out there who are set up to receive money through RME. Plenty of other people, such as the Wise Bread writer linked to above, received the $25 in the form of a check with no problem.

You do have to type in your social security number. I was ok with that since so many people are online saying they have had no problem with the company. The site says that it is part of First Bank and Trust of Brookings, SD, which looks pretty legit. That's the extent of the research I've done, people.

You should be able to sign up by clicking here, and by the way, if you do it through this link, I'll get a $10 referral bonus. That's 0.143 Cleaning Lady Units! The deadline to sign up for the $25 is April 15.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

But wait, you say. I'm not desperate enough for money to have this dang $25 sent to me once I sign up. No problem. If you can't figure out what to do with your new $25, you can just donate it to Shoplifting With Permission, where we are always desperate enough. Click here to donate. It'll help me pay for the domain name I just registered for this blog.