Sunday, April 13, 2008

CVS Sunday

Well, no one ever said we here at Shoplifting With Permission were angels. We have now committed what at least one CVS shopper thinks of as a sin: We bought a blood glucose monitoring kit that we don't need.

It earned us $14.99 in ECBs for NO money spent. Hard to resist, no? Here's hoping we can find someone who needs it. My guilt was assuaged a bit when my diabetic mother in law told me that the test kits are usually given away free or practically so because the companies make so much money on the prescription test strips.

Aside from the Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System, this week's CVS bargains are pretty sparse, which is fine with me because I need a breather and a chance to catch up on some of the monthly deals.

I checked out the deals online last night while we were stuck at my in-laws' house (Nutmeg being too sick to put in the car and bring home. No big deal, just one of your typical kid sicknesses.). On the drive home I bought a Sun Times so I could pore over the photos in the CVS flyer and make myself good and car sick.

Here are the things that interest me this week:

Chef Boy-R-D Ravioli. 4-pack for $4.99, get $1ECB (both my husband and my grandmother have requested I get some of these)
Another Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System , free after mc from 3/16 Smart Source, get $14.99ECB
CVS brand diapers, on sale bogo. No ECBs, though

I was also disappointed that we didn't get back to Chicago Saturday as planned because I wanted to buy a bunch more free Excedrine with the coupons I'd printed off my father-in-law's computer. But now they're not on sale for $1.99 anymore. Oh well, Epu points out that we don't need any at all.

Monthly deals I am working on:

More CVS-brand Tylenol -- Buy at $3.99, get $3.99ECB
Essence of Beauty -- buy 3, get $5ECB (my store has the $1.49 gift bags which I will probably get on my next visit)
More Softsoap Body Wash -- Buy at $4.99, get $4.99ECB (use $1 off mc from the paper and from the Internet)
Buy Heinz vinegar at $2, get $1ECB

I'd sure like to get some more $2 or $3 off CVS brand purchases, what with the good CVS brand offerings. I've even heard they work on Essence of Beauty products, since it's an in-house brand.