Sunday, April 27, 2008

CVS Sunday: The Deal I Actually Did

Although we are all exhausted after having 13(?) wily preschoolers running around our house this afternoon, I just returned from a quick CVS trip. I realized that those Soleil razors and refills were too good a deal to pass up, and that my mcs for them expire today.

I thought I would do 2 deals that both made a lot of money, but unfortunately my $4/$20 beauty coupon would not scan. It seems they've gotten pickier about what constitutes "beauty." It lists a few examples on the coupon and says, "and more." I'm glad they list the examples, "cosmetics, skin care, sun care, hair care and more," because one clerk in the past told me "beauty" meant only "makeup."

Here are the 2 deals I did, one a moneymaker and one that will become a moneymaker once I buy that 3rd (and last) EOB product:

Transaction I:
1 Bic Soleil Razor $5.99
3 Soleil cartridges 17.97
1 Johnson's Buddies Soap 0.99
-$4/$20 cvs email coupon
-$5/$25 crt coupon
-$2 Soleil mc
-$2 Soleil mc
-$2 Soleil mc
-$2 Soleil mc
-$1 Buddies mc
6.95 + tax
paid $6ECB and 1.87 from gift card
received $12ECB (and another $5/$25 crt!)

Transaction II:
2 Soleil Razors 11.98
1 Soleil refill 5.99
2 EOB gift bags (they restocked!) 2.98
-$2 Soleil mc
-$2 Soleil mc
-$2 Soleil mc
$10.95 + tax
I paid $10ECB and $1.58 off gift card
received $9ECB

So altogether, if I count the next time I spend $1.50 on an EOB gift bag, I'll have spent $19.50 to get $26ECBs. Oh yeah, and a lot of fancy razors. At least this time they also offered ECBs and coupons for the refills.