Sunday, April 13, 2008

CVS Screwup!

We always hear about it when my Grandpa wins at the track. We hear exactly how much he won and what horse he won it on. But we never, never hear a thing when he loses.

I was tempted to be the same while trumpeting my CVS victories. But now I will share with you a terrible, terrible CVS mistake I made tonight.

I actually went over there this evening to buy popsicles for Nutmeg, who is sick with what looks like her third case of pneumonia of this never-ending winter. They didn't have popsicles, it turned out. But as long as I was there, I put together a so-so transaction:

2 Chef Boy R D for $10 (pays $2ECB)
3 Essence of Beauty gift bags for $4.50 (pays $5ECB)
1 2-Liter 7Up at $1.86 (for the sick kid)
1 CVS-brand tylenol at $3.99
- $4 off $20 coupon
$16.36 plus tax

That's when it happened. For some reason, instead of taking out the $14.99 ECB I earned earlier today and paying with that, I slid my debit card through the machine. As soon as I realized my error, I asked the checker to cancel it and let me pay with ECBs.

She said it was TOO LATE.

This was the checker with the bad attitude who works on weekend evenings. She was actually in an ok mood, but she will never go out of her way to fix anything and doesn't know how to do a lot of things that the other checkers know. I'm sure someone else could have fixed it for me, but not her.

So I ended up spending my whole $10 gift card AND paying $7 cash. Sure, I got $7ECB, but at what cost?

I just can't make peace with this loss. I am actually going to load the stuff into the stroller basket and go over there tomorrow and ask my regular checker to fix this for me. I bet she will be able to add the ECBs to the transaction using the receipt just as you can add a coupon after the fact.