Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bringing It All Back Home

It makes me feel so good when I am able to bring home real necessities for free with my coupon clipping. It validates all the times I brought home crazy worthless things like mouthwash that turns your teeth brown and lip plumper -- those things earned me CVS money that made days like today possible.

This morning after preschool drop-off the baby -- I call her Pebbles -- and I stopped into CVS to take advantage of this baby stuff deal. I shoplifted with permission three weeks' worth of Huggies -- three jumbo packs -- and paid 23 cents out of pocket.

I used:

3 manufacturer's coupons, $1/1
1 $4/$20 ($4 off a purchase of $20) I got on email for adding an email address to my husband's CVS card
(this can be used over and over until it expires)
1 $5/$25 that printed out at a recent purchase
three $5 ECBs (Extra Care Bucks)

The coupons brought the $27 worth of diapers down to $15, which I paid with ECBs.

And, I got $10 ECBs back.

Next trip, I want to do this Cover Girl deal, which should make me money. Which I can later spend on more diapers, TP, and other necessities.