Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, September 21, 2009

Join Us at Frugalista -- And Win a $250 Gift Card

Hi Everyone,

I think you all know by now that I'm blogging over at Frugalista on Chicago Now. But here's a little incentive in case you haven't gotten around to joining the fun over there:

I'm giving away gift cards kindly donated by Dominick's to three lucky commenters. The first prize is a free $250 gift card! Second and third are $50 cards.

They're doing this to promote their new, lower prices campaign.

Oh yeah, baby! See you there!

Love, Carrie

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jewel-Osco Deals Up at Frugalista

Just a reminder: This week's Wednesday flyers wll be posted at Frugalista. The Jewel flyer summary is up now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Readers, You Rock and Roll All Night

I really appreciate the helpful advice and feedback I received on my last post -- 17 of you were kind enough to take some time to help me make my decision.
Since most of you seem fine with it, I'm going to go ahead and stop posting here at Shoplifting With Permission for now. I have already increased the frequency of my posts on Frugalista to compensate for this. Just today, I put up these posts over there:
I Just Made $7 Buying Shampoo at Jewel-Osco
Free Coffee Today -- For the Lucky
Money-Saving Tip for the Parents of Tall, Skinny Kids
Wrigley for $5
And MORE School Supplies Deals This Week
Yesterday, I posted my Sunday sales flyer rundown over there, and you should really check it out if you're not yet up-to-date on the amazing double-dip opportunity over at Jewel this week.
I want to thank commenter Annicedda for the excellent suggestion that I reroute traffic from here to Frugalista, and to Kaylea for suggesting a contest to encourage Shoplifting With Permission readers to register and comment at the new site. I am checking with ChicagoNow management about their contest policy and hopefully will be offering one over there soon.
To those of you who wondered if the content would be different over there, I will be giving higher priority to Chicago-specific deals, but will still continue to publish deals I learn about that are available nationwide or online as long as they are also available in Chicago. I will keep doing the grocery flyers every Wednesday and the Sunday deals as well.
I don't think being part of ChicagoNow will affect what I feel comfortable sharing -- like if I try to skirt the rules of a store's coupon policy or something. Nothing I do to get a deal is illegal so I'm really not afraid to share every detail.
Nor do I expect the stores to try to stop me from posting about how to best exploit their deals. It could happen, but I just don't think they'll bother beyond the occasional cease and desist letter for posting a link they didn't like or something (CVS sends those to me from time to time for "deep linking" to coupons on their site.) And the nice thing about writing for a big corporation (ChicagoNow is associated with the Chicago Tribune) is that they have lawyers. I don't.
To those who said they would read me on Frugalista but don't want to register and comment, that's fine. I'd love it if you drop me an email from time to time so I know you're still out there, and if you ever feel like registering to join the conversation, I won't give you the silent treatment. Promise!
Oh, and for those kind enough to worry about what might happen if the ChicagoNow thing doesn't work out, yes, I would get to keep both brands and all the content I'd posted. I will keep this URL registered and can always go back to posting here if necessary.
See you on the other side!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Blog and Frugalista

When I went to BlogHer this week, I did some thinking about my bloggy life. I write for quite a few blogs, including three for which I am the only writer -- this one, My Funny, Funny Family and Frugalista.
Now that the new baby is here, I am certainly struggling to keep up with all these blogs. The other thing that BlogHer made me think about is that it is difficult to promote more than one blog on the same topic. When I introduced myself, I did not know whether I should mention Shoplifting With Permission or Frugalista.
You might guess where this is going. I'm thinking about leaving this blog and posting all the content I normally post here to Frugalista.
What I'd like to know from is whether you'd follow me there, register and leave comments there so we could keep the conversation going. I love my Shoplifting With Permission readers and I wouldn't want to lose touch with any of you!
I'll take the comments on this post into consideration when making my final decision.
And speaking of Frugalista, today I posted an amazing Groupon deal there: $140 in Dinners by Design delivered for $75. Also, a picture of the 100+ bottles of pop I bought last night for a profit of $36.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

HOT $9 Moneymaker at Jewel TODAY ONLY

If you like to make money buying groceries, you have GOT to get over to Jewel today. I just earned $9 by buying Dr. Pepper and a few other sodas, thanks to two Catalina deals that overlap TODAY ONLY.
Go to Mashup Mom for the exact instructions on how to do this. I printed her post and brought it to the store with me to make sure I got it exactly right. I bought six 6-packs of Dr. Pepper bottles, two 6-packs Diet 7-Up and one A&W Root Beer, paid about $16, and sure enough, I got $25 in Catalinas.
I hope to return tonight to do the deal several more times, if supplies last. At the Jewel in River Forest there was enough Dr. Pepper left and even more of the other sodas (you need at least six Dr. Peppers to get both Cats). I'll check the Oak Park Jewel after my kids are in bed tonight. It would be great to make enough money doing this to pay for the rest of our groceries for the week!
And no, I don't know what I'll do with all that soda, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Grocery Deals -- 7/30-8/5 JEWEL-OSCO/SHAW'S

Jewel-Osco's grocery deals flyer this week is hella thick. Let's dive in! The highlight, for me, is the chance to get 10 boxes of Pop-Tarts free after the Fuel for School rebate, or make money on them if you have coupons.
24-pack Crush, Pepsi or Mountain Dew $3.77 each when you buy 2, limit 2 (that's $1.89/12-pack, a steal in my book)
StarKist Chunk Light tuna, 5 oz., 50 cents limit 2
Arm & Hammer detergent 55-68.75 oz., $2.50, limit 2 (the non-OxiClean variety is 35-44 loads, a slightly better deal than CVS's ExtraBucks offer, which is the same price after ECBs but only says 32 loads), limit 2
Jewel cereal 11-18 oz. 99 cents, limit 4
Nabisco Chips Ahoy $1.88 (a dime better than Dominick's price), limit 2
Lay's potato chips 10-11 oz. $1.88, limit 2
California red seedless grapes 77 cents/lb. (this is awesome because DOMESTIC grapes can safely be purchased non-organic according to Environmental Working Group)
Northwest cherries $1.99/lb.
Driscoll's strawberries $2.50/lb.
Nature Sweet cherry tomatoes $2.50/12 oz. (use $1/2 from 2/22 or 3/1 SmartSource to get for $2 each)
Healthy Choice dinners $1.99
Kellogg's cereal and Nutri-Grain bars $1.67 when you buy 5 (Buy 10 to get $10 rebate from Kellogg's Fuel for School promo, making the 67 cents each)
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts 8-count $1 when you buy 5 (buy 10 to get $10 rebate from Fuel for School, making them free!; use $1/2 or .55/1 from the 6/7 RedPlum to make this a moneymaker)
Eggo waffles $1.99 (again, Fuel for School)
Cottonelle toilet paper 6 double rolls $3.33
Edy's ice cream 1.5 quart $2.88
Jewel milk $1.99/gallon
Jewel cheese chunk or shred 8 oz. $2
organic peaches $2.99/1 lb. package
Oberweis lemonade, punch or tea 64 oz. bogo @ $2.69 (not only is this a good price for yummy lemonade, but I love having to return the bottles because it's an excuse to walk to the local Oberweis ice cream parlor. Mind you, they take them back at the store, but the store don't have no sundaes.)
Jewel butter $1.99/lb. (finally!)
Jewel yogurt 6-oz. cups 44 cents
Jewel beef or italian meatballs, $3.99/16 oz.
Jewel fruit cups 4-pack $1.89
Ronzoni Smart Taste or Healthy Harvest pasta 12-14.5 oz. $1.79 (use $1/1 from 4/5 SmartSource to get the Smart Taste for 79 cents)
General Mills cereal $2.50, get coupon for free milk if you buy 4 (use $1/2 from August All You for Golden Grahams or Lucky Charms, or $1/2 from 7/19 SmartSource for just about any variety)
Ball Park meat or turkey franks $1.67 (use $1/2 from 7/26 RedPlum to get them for $1.17 each)
Soyjoy bars 70 cents (use $1/5 printable or $2/10 from 5/31 SmartSource EXPIRES FRIDAY)

  • Buy $20 worth, save $5 on any meat item at checkout
Participating items are Doritos, bogo @ $3.99, Pepsi or Mtn Dew 2 Listers $1, Dole juice 64 oz. $2.50, Cap'n Crunch $3, Quaker granola bars $2.50, and a few others. Seems to be good on any meat purchase. In the past, when I did a deal like this for an Easter ham, you didn't actually have to buy the meat to get the instant savings taken off your bill.

  • The "Buy 4, Save $4 off your next order" deal is back for Edy's and Nestle ice cream products. Fruit bars are $3 for 6-12 count or $3.99 for a 24-pack of snack-sized bars, a carton of ice cream is $2.88, Dibs are $3.99 for 10 snack packs, and Skinny Cow is $3.99 for a 4-12 pack. Haagen-Dazs pints or bars are $3. Coupons to use: $1/1 or $1/2 Dibbs or Fruit Bars from 6/14 SmartSource, $1/1 Lil Drumsticks printable, $1/1 Lil Drumsticks from 6/14 SmartSource, $1/1 Lil Drumsticks from June Parents or Family Fun magazines)

Deal idea: four packs Lil Drums $16, use four $1/1 Qs, get $4 savings = $8, or $2/box

Deal idea: four cartons Edy's ice cream for $11.60 - $4 savings = $7.60, or $1.88/carton

There are also two Osco Catalinas:

  • For beauty products including Caress body wash, Dove shampoo, Dove styling products, Dove deodorant, Dove soap, Q-tips, Vaseline lotion, Suave deodorant or Suave shampoo/conditioner, you get a $3 coupon for next order when you buy $10 worth, a $7 coupon if you spend $20, or a $12 coupon if you spend $30. Note that Osco deals generally go by the CARD PRICE not the pre-card price. Coupons for this deal: Whole sheets of Dove coupons in 5/17 and 6/7 RedPlums; $1/2 Suave deo 5/17 RedPlum, Q-Tips $1/2 or .30/1 5/17 RedPlum, Vaseline lotion $1/1 printable. Mashup Mom has more coupon matchups for this deal, too.

Deal idea: Buy 6 Vaseline lotions (6-24 oz.) for $30. Use 6 printable $1/1 (need more than one computer to print). Pay $24, get $12 coupon back = $12/6 lotions or $2 each.

  • Spend $15 on Johnson & Johnson, get $5 coupon for next trip. I'm actually not sure which products are included since there is a whole page of Osco products there and only a few of them at the bottom are Johnson's. Is Neutrogena and Tylenol. Johnson's? If so then there are a lot of products included.